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Clark County Medical Society

Clark County Medical Society is dedicated to being an advocate and resource for the physicians of Southern Nevada. Our focus is on addressing challenges physicians face. CCMS members are at the frontline of medical policy, education, and recruitment.
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About Clark County Medical Society

CCMS is a professional organization of over 2,000 doctors, medical residents, physician’s assistants and medical students.

We work alongside incredibly talented and dedicated physicians to not only attract practicing doctors from all over the United States to our valley, but to create educational programs that will raise the next generation of medical professionals right here in Clark County.

Leadership 2023-2024

Executive Council

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Mitchell D. Forman, D.O. – President

Nicholas Fiore, M.D. – Past President

Zoltan Mari, M.D. – President Elect

Nilesh Gokal, M.D. – Secretary

Kathleen Benson, M.D. – Treasurer

Jerry Reeves, M.D. – Delegate Chair

Hugh Bassewitz, M.D.

Christine Quartuccio-Carran,D.O.

W. Bradford Isaacs, M.D.

Lawrence Lehrner, M.D.

Joanne Leovy, M.D.

Eva Littman, M.D.

Vu Luu, M.D.

Tal Minuskin, M.D.

Steven Nishiyama, D.O.

John Wojcik, M.D.

Sowjanya Reganti, M.D., Highest Ranking Officer of NSMA

Sarah Watkins, NSMA Executive Director

Staci McHale, M.D., MedPAC Co-Chair

Wolfgang Gilliar, D.O., Touro University Nevada College of Medicine

Marc Kahn, M.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine

Joe Greer Jr., M.D., Roseman University College of Medicine

John Ellerton, M.D., Scholarship Fund Chair

Nicola Spirtos, M.D., Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners

Carla Perlotta, Ph.D., Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

Fermin Leguen, M.D., Southern Nevada Health District

Florence Jameson, M.D., AMA Chief Delegate

Joseph Adashek, M.D., AMA Alternate Delegate

Amber Carter, CCMS Executive Director

Katie Baird, Co-President, CCMSA

Elizabeth Jeser, Co-President, CCMSA

Standing Committees

Neil Gokal, M.D., Committee Chair

George Alexander, M.D.

Hugh Bassewitz, M.D.

Christine Quartuccio-Carran, D.O.

Lesley Dickson, M.D.

Rebecca Edgeworth, M.D.

Nicholas Fiore, M.D.

Florence Jameson, M.D.

Deborah Kuhls, M.D.

Joanne Leovy, M.D.

Zoltan Mari, M.D.

Roxana Urrutia

Amber Carter, CCMS Executive Director

Biftu Mengistu, CCMS Team Liaison

Weldon Havins, M.D., Committee Chair

Jerry Reeves, M.D., Committee Chair

Mitchell D. Forman, D.O., CCMS President

Zoltan Mari, M.D., CCMS President-Elect

Amber Carter, CCMS Executive Director

Jordon Sanchez, CCMS Team Liaison

Tal Minuskin, M.D., Committee Chair

Gercia Alvarado, M.D.

Deborah Kuhls, M.D.

Eva Littman, M.D.

Steven Nishiyama, D.O.

Jerry Reeves, M.D.

Jeffrey Roth, M.D.

John Villasenor, M.D.

Gemma Lagasca

Jordon Sanchez, CCMS Team Liaison

Christine Quartuccio-Caran, D.O., CCMS Advisor

Zoltan Mari, M.D., CCMS Advisor & President-Elect

Deborah Kuhls, M.D.

Yessenia Vasquez, D.O., Resident Chair

Gemma Lagasca, Student Chair

John Ellerton, M.D., Committee Chair

Jeffrey J. Roth, M.D., Committee Chair

Mitchell D. Forman, D.O., CCMS President

Zoltan Mari, M.D., CCMS President-Elect

Lesley Dickson, M.D.

Deborah Kuhls, M.D.

Matthew Brunelle

Biftu Mengistu, CCMS Team Liaison

Jerry Reeves, M.D., Committee Chair

Continuing Education
Enhance your Expertise
CCMS offers a variety of continuing medical educational programs to advance your personal professional development.
Let your voice be heard!
CCMS is committed to strengthening physician/patient relationships by speaking up to policy makers about health issues.

Connect with your Colleagues
CCMS membership offers you many chances to collaborate with fellow physicians and healthcare professionals.
Come join us

We face a critical shortage of doctors here in Southern Nevada. We want your voice to be heard. Help shape the future of medicine.


We organize inclusive, educational, and entertaining events for Southern Nevada Physicians, Medical Residents, and Medical Students.

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